Narcotics Training

Controlled Deliveries & Advanced Investigations- This course is built for both patrol and narcotics Officers who work in and around wall stops and follow-up controlled deliveries. Learn how to set yourself for success in these investigations and do it safely.

Contraband Concealment Course-C³ This course  was developed to assist Law Enforcement with the search of objects and property. This course sheds all other distractions and allows us to focus on learning the multitude of concealment methods and the indicators that lead us there. We will also provide insight into how contraband and culture, directs concealment. Everything concealment will be discussed here; from their body to their abode. If they hide it, we can find it! Let us show you how!

Dealing Death: Trafficking Prescription Pills- This course is designed for all Public Safety employees who contact subjects that use, divert or traffic in prescription drugs.  This course is tailor made and explains how prescription drugs are diverted, used and distributed.  Most importantly, you will learn how to identify and STOP it. 

Hotel/Motel, Parcel & Consensual Encounters- Students will learn how drug dealers and drug traffickers use local hotels/motels to further their drug trade. We will also cover how the postal service and "mom and pop" mail businesses can be used to help identify your local criminal organizations.

Interviews & Interrogations- A course that provides the students with an understanding of what makes up our communication and how we can identify and articulate truth or deception. The course also covers field and office Interviews along with mock Interrogations.

Interviews & Interrogations: Advanced Interrogations- Day two of the I&I course provides students with an advanced perspective of the interrogation process. We will break down the interrogation process and include hands-on mock interrogations and courtroom testimony.

Making Meth- Provides students with an in-depth look at everything meth.  You will be walked thru the methamphetamine cooking process, given secrets into the trafficking and distribution trade and provided with drug identification.

Narcotics On Patrol- This course provides students with the how-to’s of: identifying criminal activity, traffic stops, consensual encounters, drug identification, ingestion methods and much

Post Arrest & Advanced Investigations- This officers course will increase the patrol officer's ability to turn trivial arrests into major investigations. Students will be provided with proven field tactics to immediately disrupt and dismantle criminal groups including gangs, drug traffickers, stolen vehicle rings, credit card fraud and other organizations.

Report Writing & Courtroom Protocol- Officers and Agents alike will gain great value in this course. Students learn how great cases are made and what essential facts must be articulated in their reports. We will break down and explain the courtroom experience and how officers can effectively prepare for and provide excellent testimony that will solidify a conviction. The course is topped off with a moot court scenario.

Roadside Interviews- This course provides students the ability to perform short, concise interviews and determine if criminal activity has, is or will occur. Students will dive into the world of communication where the spoken word and other communication aspects meet. Through practical exercises and class participation, students will develop skills for conducting interviews in an informal environment. Modules include; Nick's 4-Minute Interview, THE Traffic Stop, Consensual Encounters, Nick's Criminal Elements, Legal Aspects, and much more.

New courses are always being developed and will be posted as they become available.  If you are looking for a specific course and you do not see it posted, contact us.  Our group of professional instructors may already have the course you are looking for.

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