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Public Safety Alliance, LLC is focused on providing crucial training solutions to Public Safety employees whose training needs are simply not limited by budgetary constraints. PSA was born from a training culture, where creative minds developed ideas, molded them through field trials, and solidified them within the court systems. We are committed to helping you develop your own training program. Call us to find out how.


Narcotics on Patrol-September 2018

Instructor Royal is very knowledgeable and presents the material in a way which is easy to understand.- Kyle, Irvine PD

The Instructor was very knowledgeable and personable. Good class size and interaction with students.- Wesley

The most valuable part of the course-Hands on search of vehicles, Actual cases, Roadside Interview Techniques-Brian, Irvine PD

Enhanced Drug I.D. September 2018

Most valuable part- The sensory stations were the most valuable...- Kyle, Irvine PD

This was an extremely valuable class for everyone in Law Enforcement, especially for patrol officers- Alec, Orange PD

Great class, informative and fun! Joshua, Ventura PD

Warrants & Legal Issues-August 2018

Great instructor!!! Encouraged class participation, very knowledgeable, Learned a lot!! Jeremy, Englewood PD

Thank you. As a new criminal detective, learned a lot and was of great value to me. Ortiz, LASPD

Digital Photography-August 2018

VI really enjoyed the course. The environment was very conducive to learning and the instructor was very approachable... I would definitely recommend this course. - Michelle, SBPD

Good class. [I] like the hands-on approach. Joshua, Ventura PD

Making Meth-August 2018

Thank you. This will be so helpful in my journey as a peace officer.- Jason, LASD

Excellent Course! I will definitely use the information I learned to further my investigations.- Daniel

Great class with knowledgeable instructors- Brady, Fullerton PD

Report Writing & Courtroom Protocol-August 2018

Great instructor. Learned a lot in the way the class was passed.- Armando, Roswell PD

Nick is a very effective instructor who effectively utilizes a combination of expertise and interaction to keep the course interesting and stimulate learning-Jacob, New Mexico Game and Fish

You did a great job! I was able to take a lot from both presentations.-Corey, NMGF

Report Writing & Courtroom Protocol-August 2018

Instructor was dynamic and engaging. Presented the information quickly and effectively.- Catherine, SBCDA

Instructor was very knowledgeable and made the class fun to learn in. I like how he had real life examples.- Michael, LASO

The 2-day class was great. Learned a lot and all of this info is good for everyday use on the job. Great instructor! Great PowerPoint!-Kerri, CHP

Narcotics On Patrol-May 2018

Very informative and useful information for regular patrol cops. The hands on... really brought into perspective how much can be hidden in a regular vehicle.- David, Pasadena PD

Learned a lot especially when I missed the items in the car.-Freddy, Placentia PD

Very good training. Hands on was exceptional. Tommy

Enhanced Drug Identification-May 2018

This course was very informative and my knowledge level has increased a great deal.- Paul, CBP

Definitely coming back for more classes!- Adam, Fountain Valley PD

Cartel Control-April 2018

Great class with ability to have a cartel member present and talk about his experience.- Antonio, San Mateo County

Excellent course. Very knowledgeable instructor.- Ellen, LAPD

Instructor was knowledgeable, funny and a great presenter. [I] appreciated his personal input and stories to distract from PowerPoint only.- Ruth, LAWA

Policing the Mentally Ill-March 2018

I loved the class. It  was very informative and the material was explained well.- James, San Bernadino Sheriff's Dept.

"Thank you" This class needs to reach more law enforcement!- Walter, Long Beach PD

Very excellent course & very knowledgeable. - Yudy, Long Beach PD

Mexican Cartels & U.S. Gangs-February 2018

 Very well taught class with a ton of valuable and interesting information. Arnoldi, SB Sheriff's Dept.

Very experienced instructors. Impressed! Everyone should be required to take it! - B. Rottmann, Federal Government

You should reach out to our department to teach this at an academy level for new recruits. -Leonel, Long Beach PD

Digital Photography-February 2018

Very Informative! Eric, LACity

Best Value: understanding how to operate MY camera better. -Andrea, LACity

Report Writing & Courtroom Protocol-February 2018

As a civilian law enforcement employee this training especially the courtroom protocol, was very helpful!! - John, Santa Monica

Great course! I learned alot. Looking forward to more courses offered by PSA. Roberto, SB Sheriff's Dept.

Awesome Presentation, Great Instructor. Angelina, OCSD

Interviews & Interrogations-February 2018

Excellent course, Very informative. Nick really helps in breaking down the steps of I&I and gives great examples. Eric, Santa Fe County
I like this course. It was very informative. Jose, Sunland Park

Extremely valuable information I will be able to use in the field and feel more comfortable engaging subjects during interviews. Justin, NMGF

Narcotics on Patrol-January 2018

Great Information! The hands-on demonstration was awesome. -Padilla, San Gabriel PD

Good use of time. Realistic examples useful for patrol level officers. -Unknown

Awesome class! Extremely helpful information. -Angelica, Santa Monica

Enhanced Drug ID-January 2018

To date, this is the best course i have taken. I will recommend to my department for others to attend. Jayvon

Great Class! Worth the 4-hour drive from Blythe, CA. -Patrick, Dept. of Corrections

Great course. Clear explanations of the different drugs, broken up by hands-on training to ensure retention and understanding of the material. -Unknown

Making Meth-March 2017

Videos and games keep class entertaining; Great presentation of material by instructors. Sumyra, Postal Inspection

Great class. Presented a lot of info in short amount of time. Matt, Irvine PD

This class was exactly what I was looking for. A ton of information that I needed. Thank you. James, LASD

Glad I came!- Bjan, Bakersfield PD 

Contraband Concealment Course-March 2017

Great class. Lots of experience to bring into the classroom and lots of material to talk about. Not a boring class. Kept me interested. Ivan

Great class, very informative, all dept's/agencies can learn from this class. Charles

Nick, you were knowledgeable and did a great job keeping the class moving and entertaining. Thanks for the low-fat donuts! Ashley

Great Instructor, keeps you focused and is passionate about teaching.-Norair, Glendale PD 

Nick is very knowledgeable and did an excellent job relaying the course information. 

Warrants & Legal Issues-February 2017

Definitely recommend this course to all levels of law enforcement. Mike, LASD

Very informative class. Bradley, Long Beach PD

I would recommend this course to others I work with. Dennis, LASD

Interviews & Interrogations-February 2017

Good Class, final interview practical was very helpful in fully understanding the concepts of the class-Sean, USDOJ

I loved your course. Thank you!-LeEvan, Taos PD

This course provides a good basic level of knowledge, proficiency will be gained with experience.-Gary, USDOJ 

Officer's Guide to Advanced Investigation-January 2017

Second Class with Instructor Ramos. Very good at keeping class attention along with a good environment.-Justin, USDOJ

This is an excellent course for patrol officers. As patrol, so many opportunities to build larger cases are squandered because we miss the signs or settle for lesser arrests-Bryan, Rio Rancho P.D.

Extremely experienced and Knowledgeable. Great at explaining the material.-Jacob, Rio Rancho P.D.

Narco Life-January 2017

Best course I have attended in my six ear career. [I] would highly recommend!-Jason, COEPD

Great Course!-Michael, Bernalillo County Sheriff's Dept.

Mexican Cartels & U.S. Gangs-January 2017

Thank you for the opportunity to learn more on the cartels. It was an eye opener on how it can affect my community.-Ernest

Very informative class!-Andy, USDOJ 

Report Writing & Courtroom Protocol-January 2017

I enjoyed Mr. Ramos' energy and comedy. He made the class enjoyable.- Chris, City of Montebello

The Instructor presented the course very well. The content was easy to understand and digest. I walked away with a full cup of knowledge- Jamie 

Excellent presentation and applicable skills to implement. Good transfer of how to apply proper report writing techniques. to the courtroom.-Cody, City of Irvine

Instructor Development
-December 2016

I have attended two prior I.D. courses over the years. This was by far the most informative and useful I.D. course I have attended. As an SME, Mr. Ramos' knowledge is commendable.- David, Bernalillo County Sheriff's Department

Awesome instructing, clear information, comfortable environment to speak, ask questions and learn. - John, Santa Fe Police Department

[What was the most valuable part of the course?] Short Speeches! Getting comfortable with ourselves presenting is priceless.- Student

The Art of Effective Co
mmunication-November 2016 (Six Classes)

Advanced Report Writing & Courtroom Protocol-October 2016

Sergeant Ramos is a very knowledgeable instructor. Sir, I appreciate your time and effort.- Daniel, L.A. School Police Department

Nick is a very good and patient teacher.- Damien, San Bernardino County Probation Department

"Narco" Life-October 2016

Great course, Great information. Thank you. Will be back for more classes!- Mariella, Longbeach P.D.

[What was the most valuable part of the course?] Everything was very valuable.- C.Gonzalez, L.A. School Police Department

Contraband Concealment Course, C3,-September 2016

Great class and excellent instructor.- Diego

Great info!!! Photos and stories were excellent. Thank You!, Joshua, LA County Probation

Policing the Mentally Ill,-September 2016

Best mental health class I have ever taken. I can really use what I have learned...-Kimberley, LA County Probation

[Instructors] have a passion for this and it made it easier to comprehend and retain the information.-Felicia, Inglewood PD

Contraband Concealment Course, C3-June 2016

Great class! Extremely informative! [Best Part] Learning how to identify clavos. -Robert, LASD

Great class and felt I learned a lot during the 2 day course. I wish all patrol gets [to] take class. Pixomates, OCSD

Roadside Interviews-June 2016

The breakdown of concepts was clear & very helpful. [Best Part] Hearing audio from actual calls. The PowerPoint was great. -Cassi, OCSD

Loved the class and the energy from the instructor! Wally, V.A Police

Mexican Cartels & U.S. Gangs-June 2016

Course was very helpful. [Best part] learning about different gangs and who they work with.-Justin, Gallup, P.D.

Great Class! [Best part] names of cartels and how and what they do, while putting faces with the names.-Michael, Bernalillo County S.O.

"Narco" Life-June 2016

This is a very educational course that provides a great foundation of knowledge of drug cartels, influence, motivation, and their involvement in the Mexican government.-Lawrence, DHS.

Course was great. I never knew how significant of a role religion played in DTO's.-Khaera, Gallup, P.D.

Class was very informative. I truly learned a lot and will bring my new knowledge to patrol.-Jacob, Sandoval County S.O.

Report Writing & Courtroom Protocol-April 2016

Excellent course! This course should be presented to all L.E.O's.-Vlad, Newport Beach P.D.

Good course with emphasis on report details.-Taylor, Chino P.D.

[The best part is] learning the difference between my definition of detail vs. proper detail for a report. Detail, Detail, Detail!-Gabby, Bakersfield P.D.

Digital Photography: Documenting the Scene-April 2016

Great course! Lots of hands-on training.-John, L.A. Port Police

What was the best part of the course? [Learning] the camera features and working through the scenarios.- Bruce, HIDTA

Narco Life-March 2016

[This course] demistified the "Narco" lifestyle.-Kevin, LVMPD

Great course! Extremely informative and learned a lot of information that will be useful.-Jessica, NV Highway Patrol

Mexican Cartels & U.S. Gangs-March 2016
Great course and presentation. Won, LVMPD

What was the most valuable part of the course? Where the cartels operate and how.-David, LVMPD

Interviews & Interrogations-February 2016

Great Class! Especially for newer officers, Interviews & Interrogations are a constant in this job. This class boosts confidence and teaches you how to be a better officer!-Brian, BPPD

I liked this course, clear, precise, and to the point. Definitely learned things I did not know.-William, Anaheim Police Department

Great course! I feel confident applying what I learned, in the field.-Jorge, Burbank Police Department

Contraband Concealment Course-February 2016

Outstanding as always! Every course from PSA is full of useful information. There is absolutely NO "FILLER" in these courses!-Justin, USDOJ

One of the most informative classes ever, and we were NEVER bored, not even after lunch! Thank you so much, this is just what I needed to get my feet wet.-Julie, CHP

Very experienced instructor! Thanks for sharing.-Kevin, OCSD

Tactical Spanish and Communications course-February 2016
Instructor was well versed and kept the tempo moving. Would highly recommend this course to others.- Aaron, Bernalillo County Sheriff's Office

Role play was a delightful new form of learning for me.- Jeremy, Bernalillo County Sheriff's Office

Good course for better communications techniques. [I would] recommend for basic Academy.-Gilbert, Bernalillo County Sheriff's Office
Controlled Deliveries-November 2016

I felt the most important part of this course was how broad we can expand our investigations.- Mike, San Juan County

Thank you for making this course available... The info. presented is important and we are better for it.-Walt, Farmington P.D.

Great class and great information. Practical exercises were great. Instructors were very prepared and very knowledgeable of material.-Roger, Bernalillo County S.O.

As a person that is above average in speaking Spanish, the instructors kept me focused on the material. I also learned new things in the class.-Manuel, Bernalillo County S.O.

Great course. I have attended 4 other LE Spanish training classes. This was by far the best and most productive. -Christopher, USDOJ

Made a big dumb white boy feel so comfortable to participate and want to become better speaking and understanding Spanish. Thank You!-Jesse, USDOJ
Report Writing & Courtroom Protocol - December 2015

This course had great content and broadened my understanding of report writing and courtroom procedures. - Hunter, Metro

Great Class! Definitely hit the points on report writing. - Pedro, CDCR

Digital Photography: Documenting The Scene- December 2015

This course is a must for everyone who takes photos for criminal investigations! The hands on really drives the points home and reinforces learning. - Justin, Department of Justice

Tactical Spanish & Communications Course - August 2015

Fantastic Class! Learned a lot. Great way of teaching class, fun & energetic. Great instructors! - Jeannine, Alcohol Beverage Control

Class handout is invaluable. Focus on phrases used in high risk/high stress situations are invaluable. - James, Glendale Police Department

Roadside Interviews - August 2015

Very helpful in quickly determining facts. Good discussions and real life examples. - Bruno, U.S. Border Patrol

Great informative class! - Elizabeth, Orange County District Attorney

CNCA Conference-January 2015

Very knowledgeable instructor and very well presented. - Ignacio, South Gate Police Department

Good videos, good PowerPoint for time limitations. - Kristina, San Bernardino Sheriff's Department

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