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Public Safety Alliance instructors have been training the public safety community for over 20 years  nationally and offers a wide variety of training.  With our qualified team of instructors, you can count on expert advice and guidance. We also hold extensive Southwest Border experience that is like no other in the country.  Our instructors work consistently with unique Southwest Border issues in the US and Mexico, making us experts in Mexican DTO's and Transnational Criminal Organizations.

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Law Enforcement Training

PSA teaches several courses that are operational necessities for street Officers and Narcs. We also specialize in supervisory and leadership instruction.

Medical Solutions

Learn PSA's "4 Minute Interview" during a CME certified training course for healthcare professionals to evaluate and identify prescription drug abusers. PSA will educate you with the goal of decreasing YOUR liability as a prescriber.


Private Sector Education

PSA provides training to help protect your families and property. We offer sequential courses that are building blocks of personal protection. We will tailor our training to fit your company's location, needs and budget.

Security Solutions

PSA supports private and public security with certifications in weapons, lethal & less lethal use of force. We understand our security's need for advanced training and provide courses previously limited to Law Enforcement only. PSA also specializes in K9 Team deployment and training to locate concealed humans, drugs and explosives.

US Military

PSA provides specialized training to Military personnel that is mission specific.  Courses are tailor made to the groups requirements and may include language specialties.

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