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PSA provides excellence in training to our fellow Public Safety employees.  Public and private security officers are the true eyes and ears in the community. As a trained officer, these men and women truly make a difference by actively deterring and reporting crime and criminal patterns.

Interviews & Interrogations For Security & Loss Prevention- this course provides our security brethren with the same training provided to law enforcement. Learn how determine deception and truth. Don't be put at risk because you don't know.

Advanced Communications Course: Building the PR Team- an advanced course which trains your team to be the best public relations tool through observation and interviews. Don't allow someone to go away unhappy. Students will learn how to read body language to determine who may not be pleased with your business and intervene before you loose a customer. We don't return to a restaurant because of principle, we return because of good service and good food. Train your team today!    

Report Writing & Courtroom Testimony-Coming Soon!

Post Arrest & Advanced Investigations- Coming Soon!