Law Enforcement Training

Our Law Enforcement Training courses feature cutting edge training tactics in critical areas of police work. Don't make the same mistakes others have already made.  Protect yourselves and your department. Here's what we can offer you!

Tactical Weapons Training- our weapons courses are created to ensure technical proficiency with all weapons.  These courses will make you a better and more confident shooter.

Narcotics Training- our narcotics and drug related courses are developed from highly motivated people in Public Safety who are certified instructors.  These exceedingly talented instructors have received hundreds of training hours in their course specialty and thousands of hours in environmental application.

Leadership Development- our leadership courses are developed from the US military and refined to fit law enforcement requirements. Students learn the differences between leadership, supervision and focus on Small Group Leadership.  Everyone is a valuable part to your organization. As a leader, you must be able to find their place. 

Language Skills- our Spanish Immersion courses start students at different levels of competency to maximize learning time. They also incorporate small group instruction to ensure each student has an optimal learning experience.

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