Monday, August 7 - Wednesday, August 9, 2023
0800 - 1700
Location: New Mexico State Police
Directions: 4491 Cerrilos Rd., Santa Fe, NM 87507


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Prerequisite: Students must be full-time, commissioned peace officers, reserve, or act under the umbrella of a law enforcement agency.

Course Description:
This exceptional 3-day narcotics training, covers everything narcotics! Students start by learning drugs, paraphernalia, and processing procedures at Sensory Stations and through short, specific, Instructor collaboration. Students are exposed to a multitude of abused drugs in the seven drug categories; which are in your area now, and others are trending your way! Special training includes testing newly gained ability to identify and articulate physical and psycho-motor indicators of drug ingestion. As a student, you will walk away with a higher level of expertise in drug identification, and ability to identify poly-drug abuse. 

Day-Two is an advanced drug course focusing on making more, better, and stronger, street-level dope cases. Using hands-on as the primary teaching method for this course, you learn how vehicles are built by professionally searching vehicles for drugs, guns, money and paraphernalia. If no drugs are found, you will learn to professionally replace and rebuild the vehicle to reduce your and your agencies, liability. "Dope Traps", commonly used by mid-level street dealers, are developed using scenarios and hands-on exercises. As a student, you also learn, drug packaging and the indicators of dope use, patrol tactics allowing for more seizures, search tactics and tools to find what they are hiding, and legal aspects of a search and warrants. This special course gets you "wrench time" with Subject Matter Experts to help guide your searches.

Day three is jam-packed with details on how to turn trivial arrests into major investigations. These simple, but often overlooked investigative tactics taught here, provide results the next day. You won’t just work up the chain; you will jump the chain and score substantial arrests and seizures of drugs, guns, credit card fraud, stolen vehicle rings, and others. If you are increasing your drug IQ, perfecting investigative skills, or just learning more about gathering intelligence and information, then this is YOUR class!

Who Should Attend: Patrol Officers and Deputies, Detectives, and Agents

Instructors: Your Instructors, Nick Ramos and Randy Royal will be your guides through this detailed and very interesting course. Nick Ramos retired as a Sergeant and K9 handler for the New Mexico State Police, Criminal Enforcement Unit. Nick began working with and around the Mexican cartel groups in the early 90's and began instructing in the mid-90's. He has made over 300 large quantity seizures of drugs, money and weapons that were directly tied to the cartels and their infrastructure. During his tenure with the State Police, he also worked as a Narcotics Agent where he acquired extensive knowledge of the drug underworld before returning to the streets. Nick teaches nationally and is a guest speaker for several large organizations including HIDTA, INIA, BJA, Sheriff's & Chiefs of Police, CNOA, CNCA, and several Narcotics Associations. He has received numerous professional awards including "New Mexico's Officer of the Year" for 2010 and from the United States Attorney's Office where we was touted as "a bloodhound for narcotics" in 2011. In 2013, Nick developed and launched his personal training company, Public Safety Alliance. His company provides over 36 courses to law enforcement, military, and civilian professionals in the U.S. and internationally.

Randy Royal started his law enforcement career with the California Highway Patrol in 1996 in Central Los Angeles. He moved around the state until he found a permanent home near Fresno, California. Like Nick, Randy developed a passion for drugs and drug canines early in his career and focused on becoming an expert. He took this passion and added Drug Recognition Expert to his resume. His contagious can-do attitude gives students not only the tools to complete the tasks, but the mental belief they too, can-do.

Dress Code: Comfortable clothing and closed toed shoes are recommended to allow for participation in many physical training exercises.

Lodging and Meals: Students are responsible for their own hotel and meals.

Contacts: If you are running late to the course or have other problems or questions regarding this course, please contact:
Program Manager,
Nick Ramos at: or (505) 573-9672
PSA office, at:

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